• Suzuka no Mori Teien(Suzuka Forest Garden)
    Suzuka no Mori Teien(Suzuka Forest Garden)
    The view of weeping plum blossoms blooming with the Suzuka Mountain Range in the background is spectacular
  • Maruyamasenmaida (Maruyama Terraced Rice Fields)
    Maruyamasenmaida (Maruyama Terraced Rice Fields)
    The spectacular view which was chosen as one of the 100 most beautiful terraced rice fields of Japan
  • Nagashima Spa Land (Amusement Park)
    Nagashima Spa Land (Amusement Park)
    The biggest amusement park in Japan! A lineup of over 50 attractions
  • Meotoiwa (rocks of the married couple)
    Meotoiwa (rocks of the married couple)
    Raise the luck for a successful love at the famous matchmaking power spot!
  • The "Doro-kyo" Valley (Doro-haccho)
    The "Doro-kyo" Valley (Doro-haccho)
    The unusually shaped rocks and the green water surface are the artwork created by nature
  • Nabana no Sato(Flower Garden)
    Nabana no Sato(Flower Garden)
    One of the largest in Japan! Both the illumination and the flower garden are overwhelming!
  • Mt. Gozaisho/Gozaisho Ropeway
    Mt. Gozaisho/Gozaisho Ropeway
    Each time you visit, there is sure to be a new touching feeling caused by the different views of each season

MIE, Once in Your Lifetime

Mie Prefecture is blessed with a beautiful natural landscape and a rich variety of delicious foods. Ancient Japanese culture still lives on here: Mie is home to Ise Jingu Shrine-one of Japan's most sacred sites,the pilgrimage route and world heritage site Kumano Kodo,ninjas,and ama pearl divers.

It is one of the most popular destinations in Japan.


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Recommendations on seasonal best

  • Spots

World's most spectacular view! "Nabana-no-Sato" for (its) flowers and illumination

"Nabana no Sato" is a popular spot not only for Japanese people but also for foreign tourists. You can enjoy various events throughout the year in the spacious garden filled with seasonal flowers. Events are held throughout the year, including a flower festival in spring, firefly viewing in summer, maple illuminations in autumn, and illuminations in winter. This is a leisure complex that you can enjoy all day long.

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  • Gourmets

Exploring the Beauty of Shima

Shima is a town where you can experience many wonderful cultures in one day, and there are also many delicious foods. Bonito flakes, pearls, and seafood caught by ama divers. All of these experiences clearly show that Shima City has preserved its own unique culture and wonderful traditions.

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  • Activities

Family Having a Blast Being Ninjas for the Day at Iga City

The first time you hear that Iga City is also known as the Ninja City, you may think “Cool, it must be a nice place to take the kids!”. But even if you're an adult, you'll be the one who enjoys Ninja City the most. Like I was. There are many museums near Iga-Ueno Castle, where you can try on ninja costumes, watch a ninja show, and experience the Japanese culture of kumihimo (braid)!

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In Mie there are lots of seaside resorts that can overlook the beautiful sea, including "Shima Sightseeing Hotel" which became the venue of Ise Shima Summit, and "Amanemu" handled by the world's leading luxury hotel chain "Aman Resort". The bright red sky of sunset, the moonlight reflected on the dark sea surface, the refreshing air with the morning sun...and the slow and relaxing passing of time can also be enjoyed during the trip of staying at the beach.

In addition, the unique accommodation facilities such as "Yunoyama Onsen", the traditional hot-spring district which has reached its 1300th aniversary in 2018, "Sakakibara Onsen", which is called "Japan's Three Fountains" for a long time, and the gourmet inn that serves fresh seafood and Japan's Three Major Wagyu " Matsusaka Beef ", are enriched. Let's forget the daily hustle and enjoy your luxury holiday of a higher grade.

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