World's most spectacular view! "Nabana-no-Sato" for (its) flowers and illumination

World's most spectacular view! "Nabana-no-Sato" for (its) flowers and illumination

World's largest travel site "TripAdvisor" released "Most popular tourist attrations for non-Japanese travellers in 2017" based on online reviews.
"Nabana-no-sato" was ranked within 30th.
Open spacious fields with seasonal flowers are breathtakingly beautiful.
There are series of events throughout the year including Flower Festival in spring, firefly watching in Summer, Momiji (maple) illuminations in autumn and winter illuminations.
You can enjoy certain events throughout the year.
Amongst those events, illuminations are one of the greatest in Japan and among the finest in the world.
The scale and quality has been upgraded each year and the park sparkles with illuminations not only in winter but aslo in autumn and spring.
It is a leisure complex with hot spring and local beer where you can enjoy yourself all day long.

Hyakka-ryoran (flowers blooming in profusion)! Seasonal landscapes are beautiful like paintings

Hyakka-ryoran (flowers blooming in profusion)! Seasonal landscapes are beautiful like paintings

In spring, Flower Festival is held each year. 

From late March to late April, in "Hana Hiroba", one of the largest flower garden in Japan, you can find the dynamicly displayed Tulip garden.

In autumn, cosmos, dahlia and roses are blooming beautifully.  

The yearly peak season is from late September to early November.

Every year from early February to late March, plum trees, weeping plum trees and Kawazu cherry trees are in bloom simultaneously. 

Pay your attention to the illuminations of weeping plum trees at night. 

Nabana-no-sato is also famed for Momiji (maple). 

Espeacially, "Kagami-ike" (mirror pond) reflects Momiji on its surface and the superb view is quite popular for late autumn.

One of the largest illuminations in Japan

One of the largest illuminations in Japan

Overwhelming scale and beauty of illuminations in Nabana-no-sato attracts many people from all over the world. 

Amongst the illuminations, the light tunnel of 200 meters long is quite well known. 

Surrounded by tender light, you advance the corridor. 

Rainy days are recommended, as the park is less crowded and the rain fall will reflect the illuminations and double the glittering. 

You can certainly experience more beautiful space and view.

The "cloud sea of light" is the most polular among couples, and blue LED creates fantastic atmosphere. 

Crystal white arch is decorated and those couples go through the arch are said to become happier.

"Hikari-no-taiga"(great river of light) on the surface of the water from the bridge to the chapel expresses the beauty of streams. 

At the main venue, huge scaled Panorama of illuminations can be enjoyed. 

There are full of sparkling and glittering that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Nabana-no-sato is very crowded during illumination seasons. 

You can comfortably access the park by visiting the park a little late (after 19:00 on weekdays and after 20:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays) to avoid the peak hours. 

Weekends and public holidays are particularly congested and accordingly, on weekdays, you can take time and enjoy the park comfortably.

In bloom throughout the year! Flower garden in Andes・Begonia Garden

In bloom throughout the year! Flower garden in Andes・Begonia Garden

At the large greenhouse named "Flower garden in Andes・Begonia garden", you can see colorful flowers throughout the year. 

Beautiful space and views like the ones in paintings will certainlyi fascinate you.

"Mikaeri-no-ike" (looking back pond) is known to be photogenic and is a popular photo spot.

"Rose garden" is enjoyable in spring and autumn.  

Approximately  4,000 roses of  800 types will be in bloom. 

The colour and shape is plentiful and it is suitable for photo takers. 

Rose soft-serve ice cream is available at the Rose garden. 

The fragrance and the color is exactly Rose, so do not miss it.

Enjoyable all day long! Hot spring・local beer・restaurants are all on the premises.

Enjoyable all day long! Hot spring・local beer・restaurants are all on the premises.

Within the park, a day spa named "Sato-no-yu" is available where you can enjoy natural hot springs and open-air bath. 

Soaking in hot springs, you can relax and heal youself after a long walk in the park. 

Relaxing space after bath is also available.

At the local beer restaurant named "Nagashima Beer Garden",  three types of local beer "pilsner", "Dunkel"and "Weizen" are available for your tasting. 

There are Chinese dishes, Tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlet) and Italian food restaurants as well. 

You can stay at affiliated hotels, namely "Hotel Hanamizuki", "Garden Hotel Ollive" or "Hotel Nagashima" and on the following day, you can try the attractions at "Nagashima Spa Land" or visit "Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream Nagashima" and enjoy shopping.

 It is the recommended way to spend your holidays.

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Recommended travel plan and traffic access

Recommended travel plan and traffic access

In the spacious premises, "Nabana-no-sato" has a lot of attractions. In order to avoid the peak time and see the popular illuminations, it is recommended to visit the park after 19:00. 

In order to do that, it is good to stay at an official hotel of Nagashima Resort and visit Nabana-no-sato as well as Nagashima Resort facilities. 

Hotel guests will get discounts on admissions. 

The following is the recommended tour plan including traffic information. 


As a start, it is 50 minutes' bus ride from Chubu International Airport to "Nagashima Spa" in "Nagashima Resort" by direct services of Airport Bus. 

Alternatively, it is 50 minutes' bus ride from Nagoya Station (the bus stop #22 is located on the 4th floor of Meitetsu Bus Terminal Building).

Nagashima Resort is huge and free shuttle services are available on the premises in every 10 minutes. 

You can move to the following hotels by the shuttle services.

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Leave your luggages at your hotel and check the privileges and discount coupons for official hotel guests. 

You can obtain a discount on admission to Nabana-no-sato as well as addimission to Spa Land.


Leave for "Nabana-no-sato"!

There is a direct bus service from "Nagashima Spa (Yuami-no-shima) to "Nabana-no-sato" and it takes 15 minutes.


After your arrival at Nabana-no-sato, have a meal first.

There are a variety of restaurants including Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Tonkatsu and noodles restaurants etc. on the premises.

As the main attraction of the daytime, visit one of the largest flower garden in Japan "Hana-Hiroba" and enjoy the view of seasonal flowers.

Move to "Rose Garden", "Plum Garden" and then to "Begonia Garden", taking a break at a cafe or footbath on the way.


There is a hot spring on the premises. 

Visit " Nagashima Spa Sato-no-yu" and in a spa, relax yourself and have a happiest time.

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