Gozaisho Ski Resort- full of smiles of children. Going into a spacious silver world just by a ropeway ride !

Gozaisho Ski Resort- full of smiles of children. Going into a spacious silver world just by a ropeway ride !

Skiing is simply the best winter sport!
Have you ever thought of enjoying an easy but enjoyable skiing experience in Japan?
Gozaisho Ski Resort is simply the best, easily accessible spot to fulfill your dream.
Wonderful views from the ropeway! Stunning attractions for all age groups!

Gozaisho Ski Resort is in Komono-cho, Mie, Japan, it takes only around 2 hours from Centair Airport. If you are driving here, it only takes approx. 30 minutes from Yokkaichi Interchange of Tomeihan expressway; and approx. 60 minutes from Nagoya. You can reach the ski resort at the peak by ropeway. If you plan to rent a car, be mindful that you will need studless snow tires!
Park your car at the parking lot with 1,000 yen (per day), and first proceed to the ticket box.

Arriving at the depot, you see some red gondolas. Just follow the instructions of the staff. The doors are all automatic that they will open upon arrival- gate ready, and be excited!

In your gondola journey, you can listen to the announcement, which are introductions to the nearby sceneries. Centair Airport is visible in clear days. “Tower No.6”, the highest in Japan, is the symbol of the white and splendid Gozaisho mountain.

Walking a few steps after arrival, you hear the energetic voices of children. The “Small Kids Ski Slope” is a gentle, easy 100-meter long ski slope exclusive for sleighs. There are also a 220-meter, 25- degree inclined ski slope for advanced skiers and a 210-meter, 17-degree inclined one for beginners.

Opposite to the “Small Kids Ski Slope” is the “Icicle”. The stunning object can normally be seen from late December to late February when the temperature drops below zero degree Celsius. This large icy work is formed when the snow of splashes melted. It’s made annually since 1981, and it’s one of the highlights of Gozaisho Ski Resort.

“Gozaisho Natural School” takeovers the role of Japan Antelope Center, which was closed in 2006. It regularly holds events about the nature and it’s managed by the NPO Association Environmental Conservation Center of Mie.

“SnowShoe” are available for rental at the Gozaisho Natural School on weekends and holidays in winter. The snowshoe and stock set is available at JPY 1,000 for one time. Equipped with them, you can walk well on the snow! And, maybe you can encounter the footsteps of some wild animals!?

“Restaurant Azalea” serves body-warming cuisine under the chilly weather. Purchase your food ticket with the vending machine at the entrance and pass that to the counter!

Indulge in the sweet but little hot Curry Ramen with soft but chewy noodles. And, be energized with the dazzling fried chicken! Have your body and spirit warmed while enjoying the beautiful snowy sceneries.

Walk through the Gozaisho Nature School and suspension bridge beside it, you reach the “Small Kids Plaza”. It’s a mild ski slope for fun- here you can see a huge number of kids sliding on their sleighs and having fun with their parents!

The sightseeing gondola is for 1 person each time. Riding on it from the ropeway station to the Gozaisho peak you can save up your energy, not to mention to enjoy the gorgeous snowy views. It takes around 10 minutes to reach the peak, or you can walk there through the mountain tracks.

Finally there! 1,212 meters high! There is a “top-ranked triangular spot” at the peak at where you can take pictures with the borders of Mie and Shiga prefectures. It attracts a lot of tourists indeed. And, it’s merely refreshing under the little cold temperature and fresh air!

“Ice rime” can be seen when three conditions are accommodated- humidity, wind, and temperature below zero degree Celsius. They can be seen from late December to mid-March, and they are especially beautiful from January to February. You will be amazed by this magnificent artwork from the nature under the beautiful sky!

Have fun in the ski resort and the natural park, and you can fill up yours stomach by visiting the restaurant and kiosk store “Alpen” along the road to the ropeway station. What about a relaxing break in the open space?

Gohei Mochi is sweet and aromatic. Recharge your tired body and spirit with the mild-tasting Japanese sweet Gohei Mochi.

In the souvenir corner, you see toys in the shape of the ropeway gondola, which are realistic and lovely. The real ropeway is slow and safe, but the little toy is speedy and agile- pull backward and be featly!

You can see Tower No. 6 when traveling downward in the gondola. It’s 61-meter high, the highest tower in Japan. You will be impressed by the spacious, nice views. In Komono-cho at the mountain foot, you can see the neighboring prefecture and feel the attraction of the ropeway- nice views throughout your whole experience.

There are also gondolas with nice pictures of the sightseeing spots of mountain Gozaisho. The ropeway is 2,161-meter long and the journey takes around 12 minutes. If you were lucky, maybe you can encounter antelopes living there in the mountain! Let’s try our luck next time!

Gozaisho Ski Resort is just around 1-hour apart from Nagoya, it’s super convenient. The magnificent nice views from the ropeway, and the fun activities for all age group from children to adults are perfect for everyone. It’s easy to go all in all. What about a visit next time?

Basic Information

Business Hours
Ropeway- 09:00a.m. – 04:00 p.m. (Downward 04:20 p.m.)
Sightseeing gondola- 09:30a.m. – 03:40 p.m. (Downward 04:00 p.m.)
Ski Resort- 09:30a.m. – 03:30 p.m.

Round trip for adults JPY 2,160 (one way- JPY 1,240)
Round trip for children JPY 1,080 (one way- JPY 620)

Sightseeing gondola
Ropeway Station – Peak Station JPY 600 (one way- JPY 300)
Peak Station – Antelope (Kamoshika) Station (JPY 300)
Antelope (Kamoshika) Station- Peak Station – (JPY 300)

Ski gondola
One-day pass JPY 2,000 (weekdays 1,000)
Single ride ticket JPY 300

Car park (full day)
Automobile- JPY 1,000
Motorbike JPY 500

Public Transports
Nagoya railway (from Centair Airport to Nagoya station), then take the Mie Kotsu highway bus at “Meitetsu Bus Center” and drop off at “Yunoyama Onsen, Gozaisho Ropeway Mae”.
Alternatively, take Kintetsu at Kintetsu Nagoya station and get off at Kintetsu Yunoyama Onsen station, then take the Mie Kotsu highway bus at “Meitetsu Bus Center” and drop off at “Yunoyama Onsen, Gozaisho Ropeway Mae”.

Approx. 30-minute from Yokkaichi Interchange of Tomeihan expressway.

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