Yokoyama Observatory, with the perfect view of Ago Bay, is re-opened after renovation! Be amazed by the newly opened “Sky Cafe Terrace”, too!

Yokoyama Observatory, with the perfect view of Ago Bay, is re-opened after renovation!  Be amazed by the newly opened “Sky Cafe Terrace”, too!

Yokoyama Observatory is now re-opened in spring, 2018! Visitors can enjoy the splendid green views from different angles of the three refurbished decks. And, a café is newly opened for the indulgence for great tastes in the Ise Shima area in summer. We visited this freshly renovated spot with stunning views and had a wonderful experience!

The Ago Bay is a famous and appealing ria coastal inlet in Japan with around 60 small islands and a peninsula with a dendritic, treelike outline and at Yokoyama Observatory in Shima city, visitors can take in panoramic views of the great sceneries of beautiful sea and green trees, the signature of Ise Shima.

Yokoyama Observatory is located ay Mount. Yokoyama with an altitude of 203 meters. “Observatory” is commonly associated with an image of locating deep inside mountains that can only be reached by long drives while Yokoyama Observatory is right connected with the main path of the national expressway 167. Alternatively, you can reach there by just a 10-minute taxi journey from Kintetsu Ugata Station. The easy access is merely tempting.

The nearest car park can accommodate up to 28 vehicles. If it were unfortunately full, go down a bit to the one at the Yokoyama Visitor Center, which’s spacious and with bathrooms.

The observatory and bathrooms are all marked on the signboard, check them out!

So, right to the observatory! First, to the “Sky Cafe Terrace”. The approach to the observatory deck is very much easy to walk even you are in your scandals, with a pram, or on wheelchairs. Just keep thinking of “what’s the scenery waiting for me?” and be excited when heading up to the terrace!

The wide view from the terrace is simply breathtaking! A bird’s eye view of the azure sky, cobalt sea, and the bustling islands- you will be amazed! The glimpse of such a nice view is worth walking- the nice view blows your tiredness away.

This “Sky Cafe Terrace” is a part of the reopening in spring 2018 after a renovation. The new decks are made from Japanese cypress- it’s a bright and spacious environment. Your mind and spirit will be soothed by the waving trees in the gentle wind in a sunny day.

Enrich your enjoyment with a drink at “Mirador Shima” after the nice views. Walking up the stairs at the terrace, you’ll reach a newly renovated café opened in summer. It’s in a self-serving style; order your choice and get it right after at the beautiful counter with trees.

You may enjoy the food at the seating or indulge in the breathtaking views by holding the drink in your hand. The view up above at the seats is just perfect! In summer, the wind is so refreshing and cool! Have a sip of an iced drink and relax in such a recharging mood.

There are western choices like bagels, scone, and caprese salad, they all look dazzling and are perfect snacks.

Th picture shows “Bagel with Spain ham” (JPY480 plus tax) and “Sea lettuce scone (cream cheese)” (JPY250 plus tax). The salty taste of the raw ham in the bagel is appetizing. And, the fragrance deep inside the scone mixes perfectly well with cream cheese! Sea lettuce is abundant in Shima city, it makes up 70% of the total amount of sea lettuce production in the country. A key concept here is to fill up the menu with a great variety of local ingredients here in Ise Shima.

Having a vinegar drink made from the local, crystal-clear water in summer time is said to be the best activity here! “Grapes & berries” (JPY350 plus tax) is easy to drink and refreshing- the vinegar is rejuvenating! There are also a bunch of other great choices including classic coffee (JPY350 plus tax), soft drinks, and tapioca drinks.

And, never forget the must-do in Japan sightseeing- soft serves! Among the “Shima soft serves” (JPY390 plus tax), classic Vanilla and “Shiso Yogurt” made from Shima red shiso (perilla) are highly recommended! We tried the “mix” with vanilla. The pink color of shiso looks so cute under the azure sky! The flavorsome red shiso and yogurt are irresistible, simply.

Besides, you can rest on the bench on the second floor of the café or lean on the fence for your perfect photo shots. It’s roofed so you don’t have to worry about the sunlight- have your utmost comfortable enjoyment here.

The view from the second floor looks like this. It’s even a bit higher when compared with the previous ones, and it gives a different impression!

Besides the Sky Café Terrace, there are two more great terraces in this newly re-opened observatory deck. It’s blissful to feel the wind blowing between trees while walking through the path from the Sky Café Terrace. You can have a soothing walk even in hot summer days. And, there are plentiful signboards along the path for you to make your journey safe, as well as relaxing.

“Komorebi (literally filtered sunlight through leaves) Terrace” is another observatory deck re-opened after renovation. The tree shadows make the space particularly cool and chilling. Have a free time here by sitting on the tree counter, gazing at the wonderful view with some great drinks and causal talks.

Going further, there’s a slope at where you can have a therapeutic walk surrounded by the enormously green color. The beautiful spots along the path make your journey spectacular!

At the end of path is the third newly re-opened observatory deck, “Soyokaze (Gentle breeze) Terrace”. It’s at an even higher position with even greater views. Here, you can have a bird eye’s view down to the cobalt ocean without any obstacles. Let’s relax on the long bench and experience the subtle breeze with the great view in front.

Going even further, there are “Miharashi (panorama) tower” and “Ago Bay Observatory” on the high stage to feel the height. The observatory is surrounded by trees and the floating islands can be seen much clearly.

After the great enjoyment on the observatory deck, go down and have a visit to “Yokoyama Visitor Center” to learn more about the nature and culture of Ise-Shima National Park, as well as the latest information about different sightseeing spots as reference of the next visit! In Yokohama, there are various beautiful flowers in different seasons such as cherry blossoms in spring, iris and hydrangea in summer. Check them out to enlighten your visit!

Yokoyama Observatory

Address) 875-24 Ugata, Ago-Cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture, 517-0501
Tel) (+81)-599-44-0567(Ise-shima Travel Guide/Shima-city Tourism Association)
Business hours) Sky Cafe Terrace 9:00 a.m. – 04:30 p.m.
Holiday) Sky Cafe Terrace- Tuesday
Driving time) Approx. 40 minutes from Ise-nishi Interchange

Access by public Transport
Take Nagoya railway from Centair Airport to Nagoya station, and change for the Kintetsu at the Kintetsu Nagoya station, get off at Ugata station. Approx. 10-minute by taxi from Ugata station.
You can walk from Shima Yokoyama station if you don’t to talk taxi. It takes around 40 minutes.

Car Park) 28 vehicles

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