ISE-SHIMA:A Sacred Land Chosen by the Greatest Shinto God

Walking Around Ise Jingu

We recommend taking your time walking around the sprawling grounds. In the old days, people would start their pilgrimage from the outer shrine and make their way to the inner shrine. After seeing the shrines, go for a stroll through the town just ousitde the shrine gates. Here on "Oharai Cho", you can enjoy the traditional Japanese atmosphere as you visit shop after shop on old cobblestone streets. Enjoy the setting of the Japanese olden days. On bustling "Okage Yokocho", a variety of seafood, sweets, and the local specialty "Ise Udon" are in plentiful supply via small, cute shops in true Japanese style. Check out all there is to offer!

About Ise-Shima

Ise Jingu is the heart of Shinto. Within the confines of the expansive forest, be cleansed by the pure air. Here you can inherit a charmingly unique experience of the past. From Ise Jingu, the train is only 20 minutes away, but you've got to see Ise Bay if you can! Enjoy the gorgeous natural sights, play in a theme park, get some exercise outdoors, take a trip to an island, the fun never ends! Spend the night in a seaside inn. In Ise, there are enough Ise prawns, oysters, blowfish, abalone, and more, to satisfy anyone!

Traveling Around the Ise Area

In two hours from Osaka and three from Tokyo, you can be in Ise. Without a doubt, you should see Ise Jingu on your first day. After walking through the sanctified grounds, check out the retro shopping street by the shrine, where you can try some popular foods and go shopping at cute little stores. At night, head to an ocean-view inn and have some fresh seafood sure to tantalize your palate. The next day, enjoy picturesque seaside sightseeing in Toba and Shima.

Access / Q&A

For traveling in Ise Shima, begin in Osaka or Nagoya. By train, we recommend traveling in luxury on the Kintetsu sightseeing limited express (Shimakaze). From Nagoya to Ise City only takes an hour and fifteen minutes! From Chubu International Airport (Centrair) you can also get to nearby Tsu City by ferry in 45 minutes. The trip itself is genuinely part of the fun of Ise Shima.

List of feature articles of Ise-Shima in Japan

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