Area Guide : Jingu


Japanese tradition you can feel, on Oharai Machi, the street outside Ise Jingu

After you pray at Ise Jingu, stroll down the streets of yesteryear. From Uji Bridge, along the banks of the Isuzu River, walk down cobblestone streets surrounded by souvenir shops, long-established purveyors of sweets, inns, etc. You can feel the atmosphere of traditional Japan in the old wooden buildings all in a row. Even during the Edo Period (from the 17th century to the mid 19th century), this place was inundated with pilgrims.

A liquor store dealing in Sake Offerings; Shirataka Miyake Shoten

Shiratakamiyake Shoten

Ise Tea sold at Ise Uji En

Ise Uji En

Iwatoya, an old souvenir shop and restaurant


Uiro specialty shop: Toraya Uiro

Toraya Uiro

Matsusaka beef specialty shop: Horaitei


Pearl gallery and shop: Kakuta Pearl Gallery

Kakuta Pearl Gallery

Walk while you eat & buy souvenirs on Okage Yokocho

Okage Yokocho is in the middle of Oharai Machi. There are a lot of shops here, and every day feels like a festival! It's a lot of fun to eat treats from each shop as you go down the street. There are many well-established Japanese sweets and souvenir shops that have been serving travelers since the Edo Period. Fever enters the search for souvenirs. Get psyched about finding some real treasures to take home!

Souvenir shops on Okage Yokocho

Souvenir Shops on Okage Yokocho

The lucky cat specialty store: Kitcho Shoufukutei

Kitcho Shoufukutei

Ise's famous rice cakes: Akafuku


Craft beer and oyster bar: Ise Kadoya Brewery, Naiku-mae Shop

Ise Kadoya Brewery Naiku-mae Shop

Matsusaka Momen specialty shop

Momen Specialty Shop Ai

Ise Udon noodles that satisfy the heart and stomach: Fukusuke


Ise sushi restaurant: Sushikyu


Sake from a tiny shop: Ise Man Naigumae Brewery

Ise Man Naigumae Brewery

A shop focused on families having fun together: Tanuki Danran Tei

Tanuki Danran Tei