Area Guide : Matsuzaka Meiwa


The Matsusaka area

Matsusaka Station is only about 10 minutes from Ise City Station via Kintetsu Express train, and about 25 minutes from Toba Station. It's a perfect location to stop by on the way back from Ise. Wear a Matsusaka Momen kimono, walk through the castle town, delight in world-renown Matsusaka beef, and enjoy a retro cafe. Why not head to this quaint town for a little adventure?

Matsusaka, which prospered as a commercial town during the Edo period, is the home of Matsusaka Momen. Wouldn't you like to strut through the town in a kimono with the castle ruins and old samurai homes to take you back to the past? With the Matsusaka Momen Walk plan, you can rent a kimono set including accessories at a reasonable price, enjoy historical walks through the town, and savor gourmet Matsusaka beef. You can be outfitted with a stylish kimono in only three minutes!

Matsuzaka Momen kimono rental

Yawataya(Matsuzaka Momen Kimono Rental)

The weaving experience on Orihime Island

The Weaving Experience on Orihime Island

A townscape preserved by the descendants who Inherited It: Goshouban House

Goshouban House

Stone walls as the highlight of the trip: The Matsusaka Castle Ruins

Matsusaka Castle Ruins

One of Japan's three great types of beef: Matsusaka Beef Satisfaction

If you enjoyed the seafood at Ise Shima, the next place you have to go is Matsusaka, to get authentic Matsusaka beef. The glorious sight of the perfectly-marbled meat makes my heart soar. This is truly the ""art of meat"". I can't stop praising the melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. Delicious! So flavorful! You can't go wrong eating it in sukiyaki or as a steak. You really just can't go wrong. What's more, Matsusaka has committed to a real Japanese-style atmosphere, created by renovating old folk houses and other buildings, into restaurants and cafes. Enjoy a moment of sweet bliss in an authentic setting.

The famous Matsusaka Beef restaurant: Wadakin


Matsuzaka Beef specialty shop: Matsusaka Maruyoshi

Matsusaka Maruyoshi

Savory handmade Matsusaka Beef nigiri: Sushiman


Enjoy conveyor belt grilled meat... What? Isshobin


Beautiful, Red Confectionery:Yanagiya Housen

Yanagiya Housen

Japanese heritage in Meiwa Town

Get off the train at Saikuu Station and head to Meiwa Town, recognized as a site important to Japanese heritage that really lets you feel the Heian period (8th-12th century). From Ise Jingu's nearest station, Ise Shi Station, to the center of Meiwa Town using Saikuu Station, it's about 20 minutes via the Kintetsu line. After walking around Ise Jingu, visit the residence where imperial princesses of the past stayed while they served at Ise Jingu. ""Saio"" were imperial princesses who were sent to Ise to perform various rituals on behalf of the emperor. It's said there were more than sixty Saio in a 660 year period. Each one stayed here, away from their families and fell in forbidden love. There was always so much drama.

Saikuu Station, less than twenty minutes from Ise Shi Station

Saikuu Station

Have a photo shoot in the stylish clothing of the Heian Period: Itsukinomiya History Museum

Itsukinomiya Hall for Historical Experience

The gorgeous Saio Festival is like a Painted Scroll of the Heian Period

The Saio Festival

Enjoying the harvest moon with Gagaku traditional music: Itsukinomiya Moon Gathering

Saiku Heian Era Park(Itsukinomiya Moon Gathering)

The comforting view of trains sliding along through fields of rape flowers: Traces of Saikuu

Traces of Saikuu

So gorgeous it tickles your heart: Saio Bento

Saio Bento