Ishigami-san (Shinmei Jinja Shrine) 石神さん(神明神社)

At least one wish of a woman will be granted.

The "Ishigami-san" (Stone God) on the grounds of Shinmei Jinja Shrine is worshipped by the women divers since the old days as a god who "grants at least one wish of a woman".
In the present day, many women from all parts of Japan come to worship here.
All you have to do is to write just one wish on the "Wish Paper", and post the Wish Paper in the wish box in front of "Ishigami-san", then pray.

A rather unique good luck charm, which has the embroidery of a star and grills, is also popular.
Because a star could be drawn in one stroke, the women divers believed "they could return where they started after the dive".
Also, the grills implied that "there is no open space from where a demon could enter".
〒517-0032 鳥羽市相差町
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Access by public transportation
Approx. 40 minutes by a Kamome Bus (Toba - Kunisaki Line) from Toba Bus Center.
Get off at "Ousatsu" bus stop and walk for approx. 7 minutes.

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