Ozawa Confectionery 小澤製菓(有)

Eat a sweet snack at a family-owned business that makes famous ninja cookies with a traditional recipe.

The Ozawa Confectionery has been making katayaki for many generations. These cookies are famous for being the hardest in Japan. They are so hard that each package is sold with a tiny wooden mallet for breaking the cookies apart.
These hard little cookies are sometimes called ninja cookies because it is said that the secretive spies would carry them on journeys because they lasted for a long time. These unique sweets are recognized all over Japan and the confectionery has been in operation since 1965.
If you visit the factory, you may also have a chance to sample “softyaki”, which is what the cookies are called before they cool and harden after baking. When you are in Iga, be sure to stop at Ozawa Confectionery and enjoy some sweet and special ninja cookies.
〒5180810 伊賀市平野東町62
Saturday, Sunday & National holidays
Access by public transportation
About 10 minutes on foot from Uenoshi Station
〈Access to “Uenoshi” Station〉
[From Osaka] About 2 hours by JR Railway.
[From Nagoya] About 2 hours by JR Railway.

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