Suzuka Circuit 鈴鹿サーキット

A sheer excitement for lovers of automobiles! One big recreational park with attractions related to automobiles.

While this huge vehicle-centered leisure land consists mainly of international racing course where big races like "F1 Japan", "GP" and "Suzuka 8" are held, it also contains facilities like amusement parks, hotels and resataurants.
There are more than 30 kinds of attractions in the amuesment park "Motopia", such as an attraction for kids over 3 years old, or the one that you clear your misson by cooperating with your family or your friends.
〒510-0295 鈴鹿市稲生町7992
059-378-1111(Suzuka Circuit)
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Business hours
10:00 - 17:00 (may vary depending on the particular Saturday, Sunday, national holiday, season or when an event is held)
Closed twice a year at random (late January and mid June)
Motopia Passport (Admission plus vehicles passport)
Adult (Junior high school and over): ¥4,800
Child (Elementary school): ¥3,400
Infant (3 years old up to below elementary school age): ¥2,200
Access by public transportation
20 minutes by bus operated by Mie Kotsu departing from Kintetsu Railway's Shiroko Station.
Get off at Suzuka Circuit bus stop.

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