Gojouban Yashiki 御城番屋敷

The descendants are living and preserving the samurai residence!? The residence of the samurai who guarded the castle.

Only 10 minutes by Kintetsu's Express train from "Iseshi" Station, which is nearby to Ise Jingu Shrine! Matsusaka, which is the home of Matsusaka beef, is a perfect location to visit before or after visiting Ise Jingu Shrine.
Please enjoy strolling historical sites and also eating authentic Matsusaka beef gourmet in the once castle town of wealthy merchants.

Matsusaka, which flourished as a commercial town in the old days, still has the castle ruins and samurai residences, and the traditional atmosphere still remains in the appearance of the town.
In particular, the place of interest is "Gojouban Yashiki".
A historic site which quietly exists across the tree fence and stone pavement, are samurai residences where the samurais moved to protect the Matsusaka Castle.
Even now the descendants live and preserve the residence.
It is a rare example of a "Kumiyashiki" (residence for low class samurais) remaining in Japan.
〒515-0073 松阪市殿町1385
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Business hours
10:00 - 16:00
Monday (in case of a holiday, the following day will be closed), year-end and the beginning of the year.
Access by public transportation
* Approx. 5 minutes by bus headed for "Fujinokidai", "Kawaimachi" or "Asaka, Ono" departing from JR and Kintetsu "Matsusaka" Station.
Get off at "Shimin-byoinmae" bus stop and walk for 3 minutes.
* Take the Suzunone Bus and get off at "Shimin-byoin".

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