Tourist spot and Event

  • Akame Natural History Museum

    Akame Natural History Museum

    A Museum Integrated with the Natural Beauty of the Valley

    The Akame Natural History Museum introduces various aspects related to Akame Valley through exhibition panels and videos, including the local flora and fauna, history, and Ninja who is said to have...

  • Tamakiya Hekoki Manju

    Tamakiya Hekoki Manju

    Laugh at the name, and eat to satisfy your stomach!

    A Japanese-style sweet in the shape of a ninja, made with plenty of sweet potatoes, which is a specialty of Akame 48 Waterfalls in a quasi-national park. The name may surprise you, but its deliciou...

  • kiond(An interactive facility with trees and forests)

    kiond(An interactive facility with trees and forests)

    An enchanted encounter to immerse yourself in the world of trees

    Various programs about nature and activities are provided such as woodworking workshops, activities in the forest, the indoor play area made of timber, and the library café where visitors can find...

  • Sengukan Museum

    Sengukan Museum

    Sengukan Museun is a museum adjacent to Geku (Toyo'uke-daijingu) of Ise Jingu, where you can learn about "Shikinen Sengu." On the sacred ground of Ise Jingu, a wide variety of more than 1...

  •  Cafe Torinkan

    Cafe Torinkan

    A former primary school that was a central part of its community long ago is finding new life as a unique cafe and gathering place.

    Cafe Torinkan ("hitsudan" café) is not just a business that sells coffee and sweets in an amazing old primary school that has been painstakingly renovated. There is a delicious brand of c...

  • Iwato no Shio Kobo (Iwato Salt Factory)

    Iwato no Shio Kobo (Iwato Salt Factory)

    In 2021 they relocated and opened a new workshop with a small shop next to it. At Iwato no Shio Kobo, salt is produced following 2,000-year-old traditional methods by boiling the brackish water. If...

  • Mishiodono Jinja

    Mishiodono Jinja

    Mishiodono Jinja belongs to Ise Jingu, which comprises 125 closely related jinjas located in Ise City and its suburbs. This shrine has been perpetuating the ancient craft of salt-making for centuri...

  • Canyons Kiho

    Canyons Kiho

    Kiho Town in the southernmost reaches of Mie Prefecture is blessed with magnificent mountains, lush forests, and amazing rivers and waterfalls, The perfect place for adventure. Opened in July 2022...

  • Ishikawa Sake Brewery

    Ishikawa Sake Brewery

    Yokkaichi City is blessed with pure waters gushing from countless wells fed by the Suzuka Mountains from where, in colder months, the winter wind “Suzuka Oroshi” blows down from the peaks, it’s the...

  • ITO Shuzou Co., Ltd.

    ITO Shuzou Co., Ltd.

    Yokkaichi City is blessed with pure waters gushing from countless wells fed by the Suzuka Mountains from where, in colder months, the winter wind “Suzuka Oroshi” blows down from the peaks, it’s th...

  • Misugi-cho Inaka Tourism

    Misugi-cho Inaka Tourism

    Located in the western mountainous area of Tsu City, the capital of Mie Prefecture, Misugi-cho is a small town bordering Nara Prefecture. The town is promoting “Inaka Tourism” (rural area tourism),...

  • Nigiwai no Mori “Inabe Hütte”

    Nigiwai no Mori “Inabe Hütte”

    A unique space created by the city that brings together shops selling colorful food dishes and products made from local Inabe ingredients. In addition, this space aims to create interaction between...

  • Kanai Shrine

    Kanai Shrine

    Established in 1221, this shrine is dedicated to Amaterasu Omikami, the goddess of the sun in Japanese mythology. Despite its slightly remote location, the shrine is very popular for its original &...

  • Iga-ware Traditional Industry Hall (Iga-yaki Dento Sangyo Kaikan)

    Iga-ware Traditional Industry Hall (Iga-yaki Dento Sangyo Kaikan)

    On the second floor, there are a museum and a shop where the variety and the beauty of Iga-ware, one of the Iga City's traditional crafts. You can also experience making pottery yourself. (Reservat...

  • Kanamido


    We devise and produce a variety of confections using traditional methods without mechanization as much as possible. In the store with the aroma of wood, you can enjoy not only Kanamido's Japanese ...

  • Kiboso hotel

    Kiboso hotel

    An inn with a hot spring source surrounded by the greenery of a plateau with a sense of nature. The quantity and composition of the hot spring's components are 4 to 5 times greater than those of ot...

  • Taiyodo


    This souvenir store is located on the approach to the Meotoiwa (rocks of the married couple) . In addition to souvenirs from Ise-Shima, retro sundries and original products by artists from all ove...

  • Aonominesan Shofukuji Temple

    Aonominesan Shofukuji Temple

    An ancient temple of the Shingon sect with numerous halls scattered deep in the Aonominesan Mountains. It is known as a place of prayer for maritime security. The main deity is the golden eleven-fa...

  • Montmartre-Kameya


    A long-established Japanese and Western confectionery with a tradition of nearly 100 years. It has been 20 years since it moved to a new location along National Route 42, and is used by both local...

  • Spica

Recommendations on seasonal best

  • Travel back in time to old Japan! Strolling around Sekijuku

    When you think of historical spots in Mie Prefecture, Ise Jingu Shrine is one place that comes to mind, but that’s not all. On this trip, we visited Sekijuku, a town that makes you feel as if you have traveled back in...
  • Get to know the essence of bonito flakes, an indispensable ingredient in Japanese cuisine

    Japanese food is attracting worldwide attention for its health benefits, and “dashi” is indispensable to its flavor. Dashi is usually made from dried kelp or dried bonito flakes. This time, we visited a long-establish...
  • Inabe Plum Grove: Spectacular Spring Scenery Rooted in Community

    For many people, spring in Japan means only one thing: cherry blossoms. In Mie, however, there’s more to the season than just sakura, and stunning views of plum blossoms bursting with color can be seen throughout the ...
  • Suzuka Forest Garden, a magnificent world-class view in Mie

    The magnificent views of the cherry blossom petals blowing in the spring breeze is what people will think of in Japan’s spring season. But in Mie Prefecture, there is a different herald of the arrival of spring. The b...
  • Go on a Springtime Adventure in Kuwana

    Japan is famous for its springtime cherry blossoms and Mie Prefecture is no exception. There are many cherry blossom viewing spots across the prefecture, but for those who want to go where those “in the know” enjoy th...