Tourist spot and Event

  • Mikuri


    This is a family-operated, Japanese-style bed and breakfasts in the Kuritani district of Odai Town, Mie Prefecture. You can experience country life by picking wild vegetables, buckwheat noodle maki...

  • Roca Roca

    Roca Roca

    Pursue fun in the clear "Miya River" in Odaicho, surrounded by rich nature! Unusual water activities such as SUP, Bike SUP, Step SUP, and Round SUP are available. We offer activities th...

  • Matsumoto toge pass

    Matsumoto toge pass

    This mountain pass connects Odomari and Kinomoto in Kumano City. Stone pavement remains on most of its path, and it is located on the mountain side of Onigajo, a scenic spot. Surrounded by bamboo ...

  • Marimo T-Factory

    Marimo T-Factory

    Specializing in original T-shirts and private goods that can be ordered individually. We make "Kumano Kodo" and local T-shirts of various regions. Please feel free to visit us!

  • Hotel Seiryuso

    Hotel Seiryuso

    The Hotel Seiryuso is an oasis of culture and comfort in the mountains of Mie.

    Nestled deep in the mountains near Kumano in Mie Prefecture, the Hotel Seiryuso welcomes guests with warm hospitality and amazing service. A modern Japanese design aesthetic is present in every par...

  • Former Ozu Residence

    Former Ozu Residence

    Step inside the splendor and majesty of a wealthy merchant’s house built during feudal era Japan and surround yourself with the several hundred year old architecture. Explore this mansion and feel what it must have been like.

    A paper wholesaler during the Edo Period, the Ozu Seizaemon Family was one of Matsuzaka's best and most wealthy merchants, and moved quickly to set up a store in Edo (now Tokyo). Even now, that pa...

  • Takada Honzan Senjuji

    Takada Honzan Senjuji

    Located in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture. In general, the name is called Takada Honzan. Within the vast site, there are two buildings designated as national treasures and 11 buildings designated as na...

  • Yuki Shrine

    Yuki Shrine

    A famous spot for weeping Japanese plum blossom trees in Fujikata, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture. Yuki Shrine is dedicated to Lord Yuki Munehiro , who served Emperor Godaigo, and contributed to the esta...

  • Marina Kawage and EL CABALLO

    Marina Kawage and EL CABALLO

    Marina Kawage is a marina with a café restaurant that provides BBQ by the sea where you can enjoy your meal while listening to the waves and enjoying the view of boats at the dock. Reservation is r...

  • Mie Prefectural Kumano Kodo Center

    Mie Prefectural Kumano Kodo Center

    A large wooden building made of “Owase hinoki” cypress and “Kumano sugi” cedar. You can see the exhibition about Kumano Kodo, the pilgrimage routes inscribed on the World Heritage list by UNESCO. ...

  • Itsukinomiya Hall for Historical Experience

    Itsukinomiya Hall for Historical Experience

    This hall built in the style called shinden-zukuri is modeled after the residences of the nobles in the Heian period (the 8th-12th century). through many types of interactive exhibitions, you can g...

  • Pearl Miki

    Pearl Miki

    A humble little hut tucked away beside Ago Bay, you can harvest your own pearl and make an accessory out of it.

  • Kiho Town Hisetsu Falls Camp Site

    Kiho Town Hisetsu Falls Camp Site

    It is located 25 minutes by car from JR Shingu Station. This camping facility offers a tent site, cottages, and many activities.

  • Asamadake Kongoshoji Temple

    Asamadake Kongoshoji Temple

    Kongoshoji Temple is located near the summit of Mt. Asama in Mie Prefecture, and protects the northeast (= unlucky direction) of Ise Jingu Shrine. As sung in the famous Ise ondo (dance song): “If y...

  • Yokoyama Tenboudai (Yokoyama Lookout Point)

    Yokoyama Tenboudai (Yokoyama Lookout Point)

    A place where you can get a superb view of the glittering Ago Bay.

    You can get the entire view of the Ago Bay with the beauty of the rias coast from the elevation of 203 m! The view overlooking the Ago Bay, which consists of a complexly indented coastline and nu...

  • Banko no Sato Center

    Banko no Sato Center

    See an extensive display of traditional Banko ware ceramic art at Banko no Sato Center and make unique pottery in the workshops with the guidance of expert instructors.

    Banko no Sato Center displays and sells an extensive range of traditional Banko ware teapots, earthenware and tableware in Yokkaichi. It is also a community hub that celebrates the historical impor...

  • Ise Kawasaki

    Ise Kawasaki

    Enjoy an atmospheric stroll around the old kura warehouse town, once known as “the Kitchen of Ise.” It is filled with cafes and shops inside renovated storehouses. White-plastered merchant houses a...

  • Rokkaen


    Completed in 1913, Rokkaen is an old European building with a four-story tower combined with a Japanese-style structure. It boasts a garden in front complete with a pond. It was built by Josiah Con...

  • Akafuku


    Housed inside an ancient kiritsuma-zukuri-style (gable roof) structure with a gold sign indicating its establishment in 1707, this store preserves traditional tastes and atmosphere with its large r...

  • Torokko Minecart

    Torokko Minecart

    The town of Kiwa in Mie Prefecture’s Kumano City was once famous for mining, and its deep history shows that copper has been excavated there for over 1,200 years. An old torokko minecart and engine...


Recommendations on seasonal best

  • Travel back in time to old Japan! Strolling around Sekijuku

    When you think of historical spots in Mie Prefecture, Ise Jingu Shrine is one place that comes to mind, but that’s not all. On this trip, we visited Sekijuku, a town that makes you feel as if you have traveled back in...
  • Get to know the essence of bonito flakes, an indispensable ingredient in Japanese cuisine

    Japanese food is attracting worldwide attention for its health benefits, and “dashi” is indispensable to its flavor. Dashi is usually made from dried kelp or dried bonito flakes. This time, we visited a long-establish...
  • Inabe Plum Grove: Spectacular Spring Scenery Rooted in Community

    For many people, spring in Japan means only one thing: cherry blossoms. In Mie, however, there’s more to the season than just sakura, and stunning views of plum blossoms bursting with color can be seen throughout the ...
  • Suzuka Forest Garden, a magnificent world-class view in Mie

    The magnificent views of the cherry blossom petals blowing in the spring breeze is what people will think of in Japan’s spring season. But in Mie Prefecture, there is a different herald of the arrival of spring. The b...
  • Go on a Springtime Adventure in Kuwana

    Japan is famous for its springtime cherry blossoms and Mie Prefecture is no exception. There are many cherry blossom viewing spots across the prefecture, but for those who want to go where those “in the know” enjoy th...