Entry Period

March 1, 2024 (Fri) - May 31, 2024 (Fri)

Share the best of Mie on Instagram!

visit mie instagram campaign

Entry Period

March 1, 2024 (Fri) - May 31, 2024 (Fri)

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Share the best of Mie on Instagram!

visit mie

The #visitmie photo contest
is on now!

March 1, 2024 (Fri) - May 31, 2024 (Fri)

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How to Enter

Post Your Memories of Mie Prefecture
on Instagram

Gather your photos and videos capturing spring memories in Mie Prefecture, from travels and food to festivals, events, and souvenirs. Photos and videos taken in the past are also welcome!

Share a photo or video you've taken, along with a short caption about the memory it represents, and post it using the hashtag #visitmie.
Entry Period
Spring User-Generated Campaign:March 1, 2024 (Fri) - May 31, 2024 (Fri)
Announcement of Winning Entries
The results of the contest will be posted on the official #visitmie contest website.
Mid-June 2024 (tentative)
  • Contestants must be using a public Instagram account for entry.
  • Contestants must agree to the contest Terms & Conditions.
  • - Accounts that are made private during the contest entry period are not eligible to win.
Selection Process
We will select the winning entries that depict charms of Mie Prefecture based on a strict and fair process.
Winners will be notified by direct message to their Instagram accounts.
  • - Entry images may be used in official Mie Prefecture websites, social media, posters, flyers, etc.
  • - Winners must be following the official @visitmie account.
  • - Winners must reply within 48 hours; otherwise they forfeit their right to claim their prize.


KATADA Lodge & Villa

KATADA Lodge & Villa voucher (with meals, for 1 pair)

One pair of tickets

An accommodation to enjoy conversation, relaxation, and meals in a through-the-green setting. The view of the green in front of you and the "satoyama" in the background is outstanding. The location is blessed with pleasant breezes blowing in from both the mountains and the ocean. You can get a pair of voucher for KATADA Lodge & Villa located behind the 18th hole of Tsu Country Club.
Sponsor VANA Co., Ltd. (KATADA Lodge & Villa)
HOTEL VISON Couple Stay Voucher

HOTEL VISON Couple Stay Voucher

For 2 guests (1 pair)

Nestled within the expansive grounds of Japan's largest commercial resort, VISON, this accommodation facility sets the stage with two distinct fields – one for the physical body and the other for the environment. Rooted in the concept of "play and learn in the great outdoors," it offers a seamless blend of mind, body, and the natural surroundings. The hotel building stands gracefully upon the mountainside, granting every room an unobstructed view of Taki's bountiful natural beauty. This voucher is specifically for a "Terrace Twin Room," featuring a spacious terrace equivalent in size to the guest room.
SponsorVISON Hotel Management Co.,Ltd.
Ropeway pair ticket

Ropeway pair ticket

Five pairs of tickets

Ride the 2,161-meter-long ropeway linking the hot spring town at the foot of Mount Gozaisho to the mountaintop 780 meters above. Enjoy a 15-minute aerial walk with a panoramic view of Ise Bay, Chita Peninsula, and the Nagoya area below.
SponsorGozaisho Ropeway Co., Ltd.
Ago Bay Sea kayak experience pair ticket

Ago Bay Sea kayak experience pair ticket

Two pairs of tickets

Paddle a sea kayak in Ago Bay in the center of Ise-Shima National Park, and enjoy a fine view from the ocean and abundant nature.
As an instructor accompanies the paddlers for the entire way, this is a safe tour you can join without any anxiety.
SponsorShima Nature School
Akoya pearl bracelet

Akoya pearl bracelet

One winner

A cute bracelet with heart charms and a swaying Akoya pearl.
SponsorIse Shima Shinju Co., Ltd. (Ise Shima Pearl Gallery)
Dugong plush toys (fluffy dugong)

Dugong plush toys (fluffy dugong)

One winner

The most popular stuffed animal in the Toba Aquarium. Cute and soft to the touch!
SponsorToba Aquarium Co., Ltd.
VISON Herbal Bath Salts

VISON Herbal Bath Salts

Four winners

Indulge in the soothing experience of these bath salts within the comfort of your own home. Crafted with a blend of traditional ingredients, such as treasured mugwort, aromatic Satsuma mandarin peel, and refreshing loquat leaves, this herbal bath salt embodies the essence of "honzo." Drawing inspiration from the inherent power of plants and nature to harmonize the body, immerse yourself in this revitalizing herbal bath.
SponsorVISON Taki Co., Ltd.
Nabana no Sato Begonia Garden ticket

Nabana no Sato Begonia Garden ticket

One pair of tickets

A ticket, good for two people, for Begonia Garden, which is a 9,000 sq. m. greenhouse of flowers from the Andes, in Nabana no Sato Flower Garden.
SponsorNagashima Resort Co., Ltd. Nabana no Sato

Please note that prizes may not match the photos, and the contest operator reserves the right to change the prizes awarded.

Terms and Conditions

About Entries to the #visitmie Instagram Contest

Please read these Terms and Conditions before submitting entries to this campaign. All contestants, by submitting entries, are considered to have agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

  • Individuals may submit as many entries to the contest as they wish.
  • Entry images and videos posted with the hashtag #visitmie may be used in official Mie Prefecture websites, social media, posters, and other PR materials.
  • If posting a photo or video with a person in it, please ensure that you have the person's consent to do so. Mie Prefecture and the Contest Operator assume no responsibility whatsoever for any issues related to portrait rights or rights of likeness.
  • No objections shall be made regarding the operation of this campaign or the winning entry selection process.
  • #visitmie PR Supporters and past award winners can also participate in this campaign.

We might ask for more information about the experience behind your posted photograph and use these details in a story translated into other languages and published on our official account.
* All information will be published after suitable consideration of personal information and privacy.

Ineligible Content

Do not post any of the following types of content. If the Contest Operator determines that your post falls into any of these categories, it may be excluded from consideration.

  • Content that could be considered offensive, including but not limited to sexually explicit, nude, obscene, violent or other objectionable content
  • Commercial content, such as content that includes advertising or solicitations to access a particular website or address
  • Content unrelated to Mie Prefecture, or content that is determined not to show Mie Prefecture's beauty or attractiveness
  • Content that might cause a conflict of rights with a particular character or celebrity
  • Content that slanders a person, company, or organization or infringes on privacy
  • Content that infringes on the copyright or portrait rights/rights of likeness of any third parties
  • Content posted using an account that impersonates another person or company/organization using their name, etc.
  • Any other content that we consider to be inappropriate

Winning entries or prizes may not be transferred or exchanged for cash.

  • The #visitmie Instagram Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram, Inc.
  • By entering, entrants confirm they are 13 years of age or older, release Instagram of all responsibility, and agree to Instagram's terms of use as well as this Terms and Conditions. Mie Prefecture and the Campaign Operator are not responsible for any contents of the entrants on Instagram and other social media and related troubles.
  • This campaign uses Instagram. Mie Prefecture and the Campaign Operator are not responsible for any damages caused by the suspension or cancellation of this campaign due to the Instagram or related apps.
  • Entrants are responsible for any applicable data transfer or internet connection fees.
  • Depending on your device model, usage, and connection environment, in some cases it may not be possible to submit an entry.
  • In principle, the Campaign Operator cannot answer any questions about the use of Instagram or device settings.
  • This campaign may be modified or cancelled without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding.
Handling of Personal Information

Any personal information you provide to us will only be used for sending your prize.

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Mie Prefecture Instagram Operating Policy
  • Account Name: @visitmie / @visitmie_tw / @visitmie_th
  • Website:
    @visitmie https://www.instagram.com/visitmie/
    @visitmie_tw https://www.instagram.com/visitmie_tw/
    @visitmie_th https://www.instagram.com/visitmie_th/
  • Purpose: To widely promote Mie Prefecture tourism information to an overseas audience in foreign languages (English, Chinese, Thai), using Instagram as a form of promotional media.
  • Posting Entity: This account is run by Mie Prefecture Department of Employment and Economic Affairs staff, and staff members of International Tourism Promotion Division are the main managers in charge.
  • About Posted Content: Posted content will be information and images relating to tourism in Mie Prefecture.
  • Comments Policy: In principle we do not reply to comments, but when possible we try to answer questions, etc. Comments we judge to be inflammatory or inappropriate in any way may be removed without prior notice.
  • About Copyright: The copyright for submitted comments is retained by the user who posted the relevant comment(s). However, permission to use the posted comment(s) non-exclusively and on a royalty-free basis shall be granted to Mie Prefecture, and the user agrees not to exercise his or her copyright over the comments against the Mie Prefecture International Tourism Promotion Division.
  • Cessation of Account Activity or Account Deletion: If it is determined that posting to Instagram is no longer practical, this will be announced on the Mie Prefecture website, and the Mie Prefecture official Instagram account will be deleted or account activity ceased.

Please send questions to the Campaign Operator: info-visitmie@kankomie.or.jp

  • Responses to inquiries we receive will be made first-come, first-serve, on weekdays 10am to 5pm JST during the campaign period.
  • Please understand that certain inquiries may take longer to respond to than others.


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