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Fugamaru-chan: a photographer who captures the scenes of Mie

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Kukicho’s sea

Kukicho’s sea

The unique “colors of the sea” vary in the prefecture of Mie, with one of my favorite spots being Kukicho in Owase City. Known as the birthplace of the Kuki Suigun, a powerful navy in the 16th-17th century, this town thrives on yellowtail fishing. Boats are moored along the sea front, and the absence of barriers places the town right by the sea. Here endures the atmosphere of the old fishing town. This photo was taken in late May near the Kuki Community Center. The crystal clear water reveals the boats’ shadows on the seabed, making them appear as though they are floating in midair. During this season, lustrous green pigments paint the surrounding mountains. With lower temperatures than in the summertime, the ocean becomes increasingly transparent, allowing you to photograph a turquoise sea in sunny weather. I call this color “Kuki Blue.” Since falling in love at first sight, this spot has become a relaxing destination I will gladly travel long hours to visit. Whenever life stresses you out, come and enjoy this Kuki Blue sea.

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