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2019's winning entries《Part 1》

After a tough review process, the results to Part 1 of the #visitmie Photo Contest are in!
Thank you to everyone who entered, as well as everyone who participated by liking your favorite photos and video!

Special Prizes Governor's
Choice Award
Tsu Fireworks Festival photo_grazie

Location Tsu Fireworks Festival MAP


#visitmie Special Prize

Iseshima Skyline fumika714

Location Iseshima Skyline MAP

Toba Aquarium mii_tabi_05

Location Toba Aquarium MAP

Ishitori Festival charako_w

Location Ishitori Festival MAP

Shichirimihama mie_eetoko

Location Shichirimihama MAP

Ise City milanyanyan

Location Ise City MAP

Iga Ueno Castle i_am_love89

Location Iga Ueno Castle MAP

Gohyaku Rakan yuji9607

Location Gohyaku Rakan MAP

Nagashima Spa Land yucameclub

Location Nagashima Spa Land MAP

Tado Shrine uetaka41

Location Tado Shrine MAP

Oyatsu Town kazuma_s_jp

Location Oyatsu Town MAP

Inabe Bamboo Light Party ozirom

Location Inabe Bamboo Light Party MAP

Gozaisho Ropeway yuga68

Location Gozaisho Ropeway MAP

Mikimoto Pearl Island jaznotabi

Location Mikimoto Pearl Island MAP

Mezurashi Ridge kurecchi_ninja1000

Location Mezurashi Ridge MAP

Hisetsu Falls acupuncture_moxa_oasis

Location Hisetsu Falls MAP

Misugi Summer Festival odekakephoto7

Location Misugi Summer Festival MAP

Uenoshi Station nara_fumi

Location Uenoshi Station MAP

Ama Hut Hachiman Kamado 3_tana_

Location Ama Hut Hachiman Kamado MAP

Okage-yokocho oisiigohan_jap

Location Okage-yokocho MAP

48 Waterfalls of Akame naosetu

Location 48 Waterfalls of Akame MAP

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