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2020's winning entries《Spring》

After a tough review process, the results to Spring of the #visitmie Photo Contest are in!
Thank you to everyone who entered, as well as everyone who participated by liking your favorite photos and video!


#visitmie Special Prize

Mie Center For the Arts 111.tm.16

Location Mie Center For the Arts MAP

Hosenji Temple 111.tm.16

Location Hosenji Temple MAP

Aizu Pass 524ska

Location Aizu Pass MAP

Shibazakura Park ali_ce.1218

Location Shibazakura Park MAP

Meoto Iwa (Wedded Rocks) cya_cyan0926

Location Meoto Iwa (Wedded Rocks) MAP

Menard Aoyama Resort iromogana

Location Menard Aoyama Resort MAP

Ise Grand Shrine jacaranda19888

Location Ise Grand Shrine MAP

Okage Yokocho (in front of Ise Jingu Naiku) jacaranda19888

Location Okage Yokocho (in front of Ise Jingu Naiku) MAP

Nunobiki Falls k_a6oo0

Location Nunobiki Falls MAP

Iinan Town kurecchi_ninja1000

Location Iinan Town MAP

Doi Bamboo grove malmo88

Location Doi Bamboo grove MAP

Daio-Saki Lighthouse murosangram

Location Daio-Saki Lighthouse MAP

Kanai-jinja Shrine shm10shinta

Location Kanai-jinja Shrine MAP

Kazahaya-no-Sato sho.photographer.365

Location Kazahaya-no-Sato MAP

Onigajo teru_caesar

Location Onigajo MAP

Kuki Town y_ttb.1484

Location Kuki Town MAP

Komono Town yuji9607

Location Komono Town MAP

Red Hill yuuu.com_photos

Location Red Hill "The Forest of Hisa" MAP

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