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2020's winning entries《Winter》

After a tough review process, the results to Winter of the #visitmie Photo Contest are in!
Thank you to everyone who entered, as well as everyone who participated by liking your favorite photos and video!


#visitmie Special Prize

Suzuka Forest Garden tomyjam36

Location Suzuka Forest Garden MAP

Inabe City Agricultural Park tomyjam36

Location Inabe City Agricultural Park MAP

Miyamado Shrine benjaminbeech

Location Miyamado Shrine MAP

Daio-Saki Lighthouse _bruno.y_

Location Daio-Saki Lighthouse MAP

Forest Park of Mie Prefecture y.campanella

Location Forest Park of Mie Prefecture MAP

Gozaisho Ropeway urara.c_photo

Location Gozaisho Ropeway MAP

Minamiise Town kuroneko1717

Location Minamiise Town MAP

Onigajo kuroneko1717

Location Onigajo MAP

Ochobo Rocks tatsuya_yoshikawa

Location Ochobo Rocks MAP

Odaka Kannon Temple na.gayoshi

Location Odaka Kannon Temple MAP

Kihoku Town atsushinakano

Location Kihoku Town MAP

Oharai-Machi hanazukisan

Location Oharai-Machi MAP

Ninja Valley (Akame 48 Falls) superdjtv

Location Ninja Valley (Akame 48 Falls) MAP

Mt. Gozaisho kyasunobu

Location Mt. Gozaisho MAP

Kasamatsu Kawazu cherry blossoms Road yu.__.yumm

Location Kasamatsu Kawazu cherry blossoms Road MAP

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