Area Guide : Ise


Welcome to Ise's Outer Shrine from a shop with a mature atmosphere

A 5-minute walk from Ise Shi Station and the grand shrine, is a quiet and relaxing place, contrasting the lively town outside the inner shrine. There are plenty of delicious and fashionable restaurants, perfect for lunch or dinner in luxurious Mie style. Why not take a moment to check out the fine souvenirs and soothe away the aches of travel, at our hot springs or inns?

Pursuing the tastiest souvenirs: Ochaya Isesekiya

Ochaya Isesekiya

A shop steeped in Japanese culture: Ise Kikuichi

Ise Kikuichi

The blessings of Ise Bay's waters: Hamayo Main Store

Hamayo Main Store

The birthplace of Ise's treats: Mitsubashi Panju

Mitsubashi Panju

French cuisine: Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant

Ise souvenirs and an Ise-style restaurant: Houonkan


Ise cotton accessory store: Koromo Momen Usuishokufu

Koromo Momen Usuishokufu

Power spots near Ise Jingu

Tsukuyomimiya is the newest shrine dedicated to the younger brother of Amaterasu Ookami, Tsukuyomi. Meoto Iwa is a famous symbol of the union of marriage. There are many shrines open to everyone around the town such as, Sarutahiko Shrine. You should walk or cycle around the retro streets of Kawasaki. The Ise Shima skyline makes for a relaxing time with superb views. Don't worry if you don't have a car. You can take buses along the route.

Delight in a foot bath and see the spectacular views of the Ise Shima Skyline

Ise Shima Skyline

Sea life petting zoo,

Sea Paradise by Meoto Iwa

A frog is a god's envoy. Futamiokitama Shrine

Meoto Iwa, the Married Rocks

See and worship the sunrise at Meoto Iwa, the Married Rocks

Meoto Iwa, the Married Rocks

The shrine of Michi Hiraki, Sarutahiko Shrine

Sarutahiko Shrine

Kongoushouji Temple, an important stop for Ise Jingu visitors since long ago

Kongoushouji Temple

A theme park about Japanese history. NINJA KINGDOM ISE


Historical architecture you can touch: Hinjidzukan